You Don’t Have To Push Yourself to the Brink

Maybe you’ve seen it on Pinterest, or Facebook, or Twitter. Black and white images of a slumped over athlete, head in their hands, complete exhaustion personified. Overlaid text reads: throwing up is allowed, collapsing is allowed, muscles cramps are allowed, giving up is never allowed. The intent behind these images is pure – don’t give up, no matter what. However – your body feels pain for a reason. Often, it’s a signal to slow down, chill out, and to reasses. Pushing through extreme pain isn’t admirable, it’s foolish because you’re going past your own natural limits. As a runner, it’s extremely important to know how to listen to your body. Here are some tips for healing that go beyond bulky casts and the like:

Slow down your routine for a couple of days. Running as hard as you usually do on an injury won’t do you any good, and you could end up in a worse situation than you started in. Run for less distance or with less intensity.


Try taping that injury. Do you remember the first time you saw a fellow athlete sporting kin tape? It’s striking stuff – but it does even more than look cool. Vara Kin Tape aids your body in its natural healing process, non-invasively. Once applied to skin, Vara decompresses pain receptors and lymph vessels, enhancing drainage and speeding healing. Vara works for all athletes because it’s waterproof and incredibly lightweight. Irregular flow of lymph can cause an accumulation of fluid, resulting in swelling, and can infringe on the space between muscle and skin – all of this bogs you, and your routine, down. Vara is designed to mimic the properties of human skin, and its latex-free adhesive won’t irritate. It’s comfortable, so you’ll barely know you’re wearing it – that is, until you feel better.



Remind yourself that you are not a failure. If you’re focused on the goal, it can be easy to beat yourself up for slowing down or getting injured in the first place. Every time your mind goes to a bad place re: your progress, interrupt that thought and cast it away. You’re not a bad person for taking the time to slow down your routine and listen to your body.

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