Why do we run?

Why do we run? I often ask myself this question without being able to answer it. We may have started running for one reason: losing weight, meeting new people, push our limits or competing against ourselves or other people. But now, we just run!

Running changed my life. It brings joy to me and is now my full time job. However, sometimes, I also question if it’s worth it. Is it worth being away from my loved ones? Not being able to go celebrate my friends’ milestones? Or, is it the feeling of having not accomplished something in life? Running can be considered a very selfish goal.

What is a runner? I can play hockey, and I’m pretty good, but I don’t consider myself a hockey player. Running is the same. Being a runner is not defined by the speed or distance you’re able to run. Short distances are so underrated. To me, someone who trains their ass off to run a 5k is as much of a ‘runner’ than someone who runs marathons.

I see being a runner as a mindset. Having a goal, and a plan to achieve the goal. Or, for some of you ‘hippie’ runners, maybe not having a plan is your goal! Whatever that goal is, it pushes you out the door. You don’t ask yourself if you feel like going, or if you should go, you just go!

Some see running as a way to socialize, some as a way to escape. Some need a ‘kick in the ass’ to get going, some need a kick in the ass to stop. Running is one of the most basic things the human body is meant to do. It might not feel like you’re meant to do it at first, but you’ll get there. Believe me, you will.

Everything we do is steered by our basic instincts of eating, sleeping, and sex. Running can play a big role in improving all of these, and having more of it. Ok, maybe less sleep for some.

We like to be confident in ourselves, but there’s no guarantee that we’ll reach our goal and that’s why we need to make sure to enjoy the process and experiences our plan will bring us along the way.

If our running goals are considered selfish, so be it. The pursuit of that goal will make you feel better physically and mentally, make you a better person, and in return you’ll be able to give back more of yourself to the people around you.

It all starts with that selfish goal.




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