Terms and Conditions

Waiver & Release of Liability
I am participating in this program at my own risk and waive all claims of every nature against Pace & Mind Inc., its staff, owners, employees, coaching staff, Rejean Chiasson, and all other associations, sponsoring companies and sanctioning bodies, in respect to any personal loss or damage, illness, bodily injury or death resulting from participating in the program or caused by third parties during the program.
I understand the physical risk and rigors of running and have prepared myself physically for them.
I hereby attest that my said physical condition has been verified by a licensed medical doctor within the immediately prior 90-day period and such doctor was fully informed of the nature of the said program.
I assume the risk of running on or near the roads.
I hereby grant to Pace & Mind Inc. the exclusive right to the free use of my name, my voice and/or my picture in any broadcast, telecast, advertising, promotion or other account of my involvement with its programs. 

By clicking “yes” to this waiver I acknowledge having read, understood and agreed to this waiver and release of liability, and understand that I am participating in the program at my own risk.

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