Road to Cabot: Ivy Chiu

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On May 28th, 16 Pace & Mind runners will join 70 teams from across North America to embark on a 185 mile journey across some of the most beautiful scenery in the world in the: Cabot Trail Relay.  ‘Road to Cabot’ highlights our team’s journey to this classic Canadian race.

Road to Cabot: Ivy Chiu

Relays provide opportunities to challenge myself with experiences that I may not otherwise choose or be able to do without the support of a team. My most memorable so far have been Ragnar Ontario and the Death Race.

Ragnar Ontario was a chance to run with 11 fantastic women in an overnight race that tested our abilities to run on tired legs, no sleep, bananas, animal crackers, coffee and water. Jumping out of the van in the middle of the night to run was easier than I had imagined with teammates and a support crew cheering me on. Ragnar was also a chance to experience running hard and then trying to recover as much as possible before the next leg!

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Ivy Chiu is ready to rock Cabot.

The Canadian Death Race was an opportunity to travel to “real” mountains with great friends to witness and be part of a race that I would never be able to do solo. The preparation for this one was part of the fun from researching running packs, packable jackets and bear bangers to creating spreadsheets to figure out what our paces might actually look like with the unfamiliar terrain and unforgiving elevation. The race was as challenging as we expected with each of us experiencing different physical and mental struggles (e.g., dehydration, being out on the mountain an hour longer than expected in midday heat, facing elevation that was not runnable, running in pitch black on trails with a greater likelihood of encountering wildlife than meeting another runner). We left the race having experienced challenges, trails and views that we will likely never experience again (unless we go back!). Our team raced from dawn to around midnight, celebrated, showered, napped and headed back to the finish line to join the community cheering on the solo finishers just ahead of the cutoff. This race was just as much about getting through it as getting each other through it!

Looking forward to the Cabot Trail Relay (on my bucket-list) that will have all the elements of what I love in a relay: team camaraderie; hangout time with friends; a challenging run; unreal views; and a chance to do something I would never do on my own (hence “team relay”).


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