Race Weekend Recap: Toronto and Detroit

By: Coach Rejean, Head Coach and Co-founder, Pace and Mind

What an incredible weekend for Pace and Mind.

As a Coach, I couldn’t have asked more out of my runners this past weekend. There were so many great performances, with most ending in a personal best (PB). One thing I don’t like about race recaps is all I can do is pass along the numbers. I can tell you, the numbers only show one side of these incredible athletes. They all achieved incredible personal achievements both on and off the road in lead-up to their goal races.

When starting this crazy adventure of Pace and Mind, my goal was to use the knowledge I’ve been fortunate to have passed-on-to-me to create incredible runners. This includes: my personal experiences in Canada, U.S. and Ehiopia in addition to my passion for running as a sport to bridge the gap between ‘elite’ performance training, and ‘age groupers’. The goal was to do this while still having fun and create a true team/family atmosphere.  I want my runners to realize they can achieve more than what most like to think is possible and stop just wanting to be ‘average.’  I want them to have the balls to put everything on-the-line and not have any excuses. I don’t care how ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ they are, that’s all irrelevant. My job is to make sure they believe in themselves and do themselves justice by putting it all out there.

Yes, all 21 Pace and Mind Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront marathon and half-marathon runners achieved a PB, but not all runners reached their ‘A’ goal this weekend. However, by giving it everything they had the last few month they can all truly be proud of themselves.

Now onto the race recap:

We had 24 runners competing this weekend.  In Toronto we had 2 in the 5km,  12 in the marathon and 9 in the half marathon. We also had 1 racing the marathon in Detroit.

In the 5k, 2 great performances from Nicholas Newell finishing 2nd overall, and our pentathlete Kelly Fitsimmons running just over 20 minutes as a great fitness indicator to get her going as one of the latest addition’s to the Pace and Mind crew.

In the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) and half marathon…everyone PB’d, yes , 100%, crazy!

For the marathon:

  • Yannick  2:45:10 – 2:45:40  *On 4 weeks of minimal running, more to come about this experiment.
  • Raul 2:56:47 – 3:04:29
  • Jean-Francois 2:59:31 – 3:18:40
  • Nathan 3:00:31 – 3:05:07
  • Alan 3:03:19 – Debut
  • Olivier 3:04:08 – 3:09:40
  • Kurt 3:14:57 – 3:51:25
  • Michael 3:19:10 – 3:34:59
  • Saeed 3:35:07 – 3:42:52
  • Maxine 3:43:06 – 3:48:56
  • Christa 4:19:08 – 4:58:25
  • Sebastien 4:51:03 – 4:59:00

For a total improvement of 2h 25minutes and 38 seconds.

For the half-marathon:

  • Mike Post 1:27:21 – 1:29:48
  • Elysa 1:27:54 – 1:35:07
  • Mo 1:29:42 – 1:38:18
  • Billy 1:42:25 – 1:50:23
  • Charles 1:42:36 – 1:47:09
  • Alana 1:42:48 – 1:44:43
  • Alison 1:46:08 – 1:49:31
  • Alyssa 1:57:00 – 2:03:08
  • Debra 2:01:08 – 2:02:33

For a total time improvement of 44 minutes and 38 seconds.

And last but not least, the one and only Fabio landed his second BQ and ran a 3:10:54 at the Detroit marathon on his way back to former fitness levels.

Congrats to all of you, you made me proud to be your coach.

– Rejean


About Pace & Mind

Based in Toronto and Montreal, Pace and Mind is an advanced coaching service for runners who run for their life; physically and mentally progressing to achieve goals on and off the road. We offer highly custom-training programs based on: Individuality, Progression, Recovery, Motivation, Engagement and Community. Unlike traditional programs and clinics, Pace and Mind coaching programs are built directly by Coach Rejean Chiasson, a Canadian Marathon Champion, 4x half-marathon Canadian medalist and Brooks Elite Ambasador. They are powered by TrainingPeaks software to ensure data accuracy and a powerful listening tool for the coach. Lastly, we integrate the runner into engagement and community runs plus socials to create the best running experience possible. You have one life to live. Run for your life.


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