Coach Rejean launches Pace & Mind in Montreal

On Thursday July 10th at 8:00 pm Coach Rejean climbed a 10k to the top of Mont Royal Montreal and said: “Boom.” Pace & Mind Montreal was born.

rej_mont_royal1Montrealers Love to Run

One thing is for certain; Montrealers love to run. The Pace & Mind crew saw this first-hand as Montreal runners attended our coaching program information session, socialized with us after hours and ran both an interval and a community run at Lachine Canal and Mont Royal. They are independent, work hard and also play hard. Montreal is also a beautiful city filled with a rich history and culture evident in its buildings, the streets and the people who live there. The city embodies the spirit of Pace & Mind and makes it a great city to expand to with the following mission to:

  1. create an inclusive running community,
  2. have a long-term commitment to seeing it grow,
  3. be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate, and lastly
  4. engage every runner and their supporters in Montreal.

To this end, we are committed to Montreal by offering our coaching programs and community runs, lead by Coach Rejean, a Canadian Marathon champion and 4x half-marathon medalist. Stay tuned for more announcements on our growth in Montreal and enjoy the full album of the photos below on our facebook fan page







About Pace & Mind

Pace and Mind is a premium coaching service for runners who run for their life; physically and mentally progressing to achieve goals on and off the road. We offer highly custom-training coaching programs based on: Individuality, Progression, Recovery, Motivation, Engagement and Community. Unlike traditional programs and clinics, Pace and Mind coa programs are built directly by Coach Rejean Chiasson, a Canadian Marathon Champion and 4x half-marathon medalist. They are powered by TrainingPeaks software to ensure data accuracy and a powerful listening tool for the Coach. Lastly, we integrate the runner into engagement and community runs plus socials to create the best running experience possible.

You have one life to live. Run for your life.

Visit our Coaching Programs or contact us to learn more about our services:

Web: www.paceandmind.com
Twitter: @paceandmind
Instagram: paceandmind
Pinterest: paceandmind
eMail: info@paceandmind.com

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