The Long Steady Run by Coach Rejean

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Coach’s Context to the Long Steady Run.


There are several components to my personal training plan and they are all important, but my favourite is the long steady run.
Once an athlete is adapted to their volume and interval sessions, runners will find they will get more benefit out of long runs at a “steady” pace, versus slow/easy pace. By steady, I mean fast but under-control. You should finish feeling tired but knowing you could have went faster and longer.
If you’re past the point of completing a race and your goal is to now “get faster”, your training all comes down to running fast under tired legs while still feeling relaxed.
This long steady run will build the strength you need to bring your endurance, speed/power, and speed-endurance together.
Run for your life.
– Rejean

About Pace & Mind

Pace & Mind is an advanced ‘tough love’ coaching service for distance runners. We offer advanced and highly customized 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon coaching for runners to improve their performance both on and off the road. Our coaching is based on the principles founded by Head Coach and Co-founder Rejean Chiasson, a Canadian marathon champion, 4x half-marathon medalist and NIKE+ NRC Coach. He is supported by our Online Run Coach, Kate Van Buskirk, an internationally accomplished track and field athlete, bronze medalist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Brooks Elite Ambassador. Unlike traditional ‘cookie-cutter’ or ‘clinic’ approaches to coaching, our Coaches first assesses, then customizes each runner’s training program based on:


Coaching programs are powered by TrainingPeaks software to ensure data accuracy. No runner’s program is the same and it constantly changes season by season, cycle by cycle. Our Coaches review your plan in detail each week, then adjust based on your progression and listens to you in terms of changes in nutrition, mental state and cross training efforts. Each runner also receives a cross-training plan and a racing singlet as part of the program.

You have one life to live. Run for your life

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