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By: Christa Davidson, Pace & Mind Runner 2014

“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you; I came to live out loud.” ~Emile Zola

There is no guarantee on life.

None of us know when our life will end. Some of us will live long and some of us won’t. When one realizes this, one feels a sense of urgency to do all things in life that would leave you disappointed if you hadn’t. This is the reality I live with.

If I were gone tomorrow, I could ‘go’ happily knowing the past three and a half years of my life have been spent ‘living out loud’. This means kicking an alcohol addiction and living a sober life. This opened my eyes to the ‘here and now.’ I follow my instincts, listen to my spirit and approach things with a ‘why not?’ attitude. I do more things that I love and am introduced to things I didn’t think I would in previous times. I say ‘yes’ way more than I say ‘no’ and even when I say ‘no”, I am often searching for a way to say ‘yes’.

Running is a big ‘yes’ for me. If the question is raised and running is the subject, ‘yes’ is usually the answer. It is no secret I credit running for my continued sobriety and this is a message I never get tired sharing. While I am not a perfectionist, I become immersed and absorbed in the things I am passionate about. Having no greater passion in life than running, it’s natural for me to want to learn and improve my performance. This desire was not born from the idea that I am some how a great runner; it developed from an itch to be better today than I was yesterday.


“I don’t need to be better than anyone else; I just need to know I am working toward the best version of myself.”

 So once I landed on running as a healing endeavour, I thought: how can I be the best? I worked with a coach last year to complete my first marathon, which I had failed to do on my previous three attempts. It was a wise decision. I was pleased with the strength, confidence and knowledge I gained. I would still be working with this coach if Pace and Mind never launched. When I discovered Coach Rejean was planning on coaching via a new team called Pace and Mind, I contacted him right away. I felt if I wanted to be the best then why not get coached by the best?  His bio and status as a Canadian marathon champion didn’t intimidate me nor the talent he was likely to attract with the team. What I did think about was how much I could develop my own average running abilities.

Coaching is for anyone of any age that has the appetite to be better than his or herself. Yes, it will cost money, time and commitment but ‘no pain no gain’ as they say. If you are like me and understand we only get one shot at life, then doing your best to ‘live out loud’ while you are here is paramount. If you have the desire to improve then do yourself a favor and listen to your drive and start being the best version of yourself today, no matter what that is for you. Because I run, I am better today than I was yesterday and am filled with anticipation about what tomorrow will bring. I am where I belong: doing what fulfills me, right here and right now.

I wish the same for you.

–  Christa

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About Christa Leigh Davidson

Based in Orillia, Ontario Canada, Christa is an avid runner, Mom and amazing friend to a lot of folks in the community. She is also a Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Digital Champion. You can follow her journey to the marathon on her popular blog ‘Running on Empties.’


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