Island Long Run with Lanni Marchant

“It Takes a Village” – Hilary Clinton

What an awesome day in Toronto’s running community. Over 40 runners came together from Toronto, Montreal, Orillia and even Chicago to celebrate and run with Canada’s fastest female marathoner, Lanni Marchant. Jock Yoga talented Lisa Davidson (@TorontoFitMom) of (@JockYoga) lead the group with a yoga warm up and Mr. Alan Brookes (@Alnbrookes) of the Canadian Running Series paced the groups on bike, with informative guidance along the way.

lanni marchant and rejean chiassonFor us at Pace & Mind, community runs are vital to maintaining the inclusiveness, cohesiveness and diversity of our running community. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate our great Canadian athletes and have a great time.

We believe in order for a running community to sustain itself, four things must happen:

  1. Runners ourselves must lead the community.
  2. We must have a long-term commitment to seeing it grow.
  3. It must be inclusive of anyone who wants to run, regardless of pace or distance, and lastly
  4. We must have continual activities that engage all of us.

We hope you enjoy the photos from the day below. To learn more about us, see the ‘About Pace & Mind’ section and follow us on facebook, twitter and Instagram.


jock yoga warmup



elyssa flashing her colours




We at Pace & Mind would like to offer a very special thanks to eLoad, Rumble and Pita Break for their generous support of this event!





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