Coach’s Recap: Mid Summer Night’s Run, Toronto

By: Rejean Chiasson, Head Coach, Pace & Mind

Confidence. Motivation. Results: what an incredible weekend. 

As a Coach, watching my athletes race is the most stressful and rewarding part of the job.  Toronto’s “Mid Summer Night’s Run” over the weekend did not disappoint in this regard. We use races like Mid Summer’s 5k and 15k to break-up the training and stay motivated as athletes work towards their goal races this fall. For runners, it’s a great way for them to gage their fitness levels (both mental and physical) for fall and allows me the opportunity to adjust to ensure they are moving towards the goal.


I’m very proud to say all 10 of the Pace & Mind runners either obtained a Personal Best (PBd) or had a strong debut in their respective distance at Mid Summer Night’s Run. This is a true testament to the hard work they’ve put in both on and off the road. Here’s the summary

In the 5k:

  • Debra (‘Jackie’) Moses took 1:30 off her previous 5k best running 24:58 and second in her age category.
  • Erin Lantz went sub 27 for a PB and a nice controlled effort.

In the 15k:

  • Elysa Graci ran 1:03:51 improving from 1:07:12 and won her age category
  • Monique (Tell-it-Like-it-Is) Anglin debuted at the distance in 1:04:29
  • Alison Post went 1:16:48 down from 1:21:19
  • Dawn Cuthbertson ran a 1:14:17 taking 58 seconds off her PB
  • Christa Davidson on her way to a great fall marathon debuted at 1:22:24
  • Maxine with a debut in 1:14:47, a faster pace than her 15 year old 10km pb
  • Alan (Expressway) Tou flying to a 58:54 improving from this springs 1:01:59
  • Justyna debuted at 1:11:52, a pace 12 seconds/km faster than her 10km pb

You can enjoy the photos of the race on our facebook page by clicking HERE.

Congrats to all of you! All the hard work is paying off, more great things to come.

Run for your life.


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We offer highly custom-training programs based on: Individuality, Progression, Recovery, Motivation, Engagement and Community. Unlike traditional programs and clinics, Pace and Mind coaching programs are built directly by Coach Rejean Chiasson, a Canadian Marathon Champion and 4x half-marathon Canadian medalist. They are powered by TrainingPeaks software to ensure data accuracy and a powerful listening tool for the coach. Lastly, we integrate the runner into engagement and community runs plus socials to create the best running experience possible.

You have one life to live. Run for your life.

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