Rejean Chiasson

Run hard. Live small. Dream big.

rej_profileCoach Rejean Chiasson has been coached and trained with some of the world’s best coaches and elite runners. He has achieved incredible results both as a runner and now as the Head Coach of Pace & Mind.  He is a humble person driven by his passion to run, the success of his runners and giving back to the community.

Career Highlights

  • 2012 Canadian Marathon Champion.
  • 4x medalist at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships.
  • Coached by Canada’s best coaches: Hugh Cameron and Steve Boyd.
  • Trained with global elites in Ethiopia under the guidance of Coach Jama Aden, 2008 Middle Distance Coach of The Year, and coach of multiple work record holders, world and Olympic medalist.


Marathon: 2:17.47 (debut) Half Marathon: 1:05.04 10 km: 29.38

Runner Results

  • Winter/Spring 2014 results: 2:07:55 hour improvement, 11 runners, full-marathon
  • Winter/Spring 2014 results: 36:02 minute improvement, 8 runners, half-marathon
  • Summer/Fall 2014 results: 2:25:38 hour improvement, 12 runners, full-marathon (As at Oct. 19, 1 runner left)
  • Summer/Fall 2014 results: 44:38 minute improvement, 9 runners, half-marathon (as at Oct. 19, 1 half-mara runner left)
  • Winter/Spring 2015: all Pace & Mind runners who ran 2015 Boston Marathon requalify, cumulative improvements exceeds +5 hours for the team


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