A Rematch with the Boston Marathon

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By: Randy Jegins, Pace & Mind Runner

So I ran my 2nd Boston Marathon this past Monday…

So I ran my 2nd Boston Marathon this past Monday. It’s been a bit of a long road back in a way as I had my absolute worst running performance ever during the 2013 edition. It caused me ridiculous amounts of self-doubt, was flat out painful, and it made me question whether or not I was cut out for this sort of thing on any level. I made a few changes over the two years, and for my birthday Tracy gifted me a Coach to help me specifically with evening out the score with the 26.2 miles between Hopkinton and Boston. From December 2014 until race day – it’s been by primary objective.

For anyone doesn’t feel like sifting through my rambling words and thoughts and just wants the big get – here’s the hard data – I ran a 3:11:19. Exactly three minutes slower than my Personal Best in the Marathon but a full 21:46 faster than my first Boston. I re-qualified for the 2016 Boston Marathon and am over the moon happy with the result. The dragon was slayed, unicorn was captured, insert other euphemism here…

I just want to thank Tracy and my parents so much for putting up with me leading up to the event, for coming down and standing in one spot in the cold rain and wind waiting for me to come on by, and for their unwavering love and support.

Thanks Janine and Anne who were keeping tabs on us all from back home over the week, and speaking of keeping tabs, Jason was a lifesaver by keeping Tracy constantly in the loop when the AT&T app pooched out again…you likely saved three lives by keeping all their blood pressures in check. wink emoticon

And of course – thanks Coach Rejean and the entire Pace & Mind team. It’s a hell of a program and an amazing group of runners. Every P&M runner that went down there re-qualified, and a few achieved the best results of their lives on a legendary course in miserable conditions. An absolutely unreal achievement when you think about it. A big group of P&M’ers gathered up with some other Toronto run crews that came down and cheered everyone on at mile 25. Starting to realize how big this community truly is.

And now…a few random race thoughts as they pertained to my personal experience…

Thank you to ALL the Boston Marathon volunteers for staying out there in the aforementioned wet and cold conditions. They were plentiful, very helpful, and incredibly engaged the whole day. Such an awesome group.

While Wellesley College is the legendary ‘scream tunnel’ of the course – I have to give a special mention to the people of Ashland, MA. Once again they were rowdy and rocking too. A great crowd that keeps the initial adrenaline going a little longer.

When you lose your Garmin GPS signal at km 27 of the Marathon – it’s very unnerving.

When you realize at km 30 of the Marathon your GPS signal isn’t coming back – it’s very hard to start doing math.

The way that the City of Boston and surrounding area absolutely EMBRACES this event is pretty overwhelming, and makes you want to keep coming back for more. Or just stay.

Seeing some running icons on course and around town is pretty awe-inspiring and helps to renew your love of the sport.

One day I will indulge in an impromptu course side beer station…somewhere…I promise.

Now the question begs…what is next? Honestly. No idea. But I do have a bit of a thought – and after some consultations over the next couple of weeks – I will then have a plan.

But for now….vacation is over. Back to the grind.


– Randy

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