5 tips on running form.

By: Rejean Chiasson, Head Coach of Pace & Mind.

1 -Tall & Lean-In.

Run tall and ‘lean-in’ from the ankles. This means lean very slightly from the ankles so that you could trace a line from your ankle to head. Do not bend from the waist, as it will limit your stride range of motion and lung capacity. Keep your neck in line with your body, look ahead, not at the ground. This means run as if you have a string pulling at the top of your head so your body falls into good form.

2- Relax.

Release tension from your face, shoulders, arms and hands. The worst drain of valuable energy is tension in the shoulders or ‘runners shrug’. Keep your shoulders down, almost trying to touch your shoulder blades. Form a loose fist as if you are trying to hold an egg without breaking it, no tension in your hands, and forearms. Make mental reminders to release tension every other km split especially in the later stages of a run/race.

3- Bend.

Bend your arms at the elbows so that it creates a 90 -100 degree angle. Swing your arms comfortably while running like you are beating a large drum on the back of a dragon boat. Your hands should not swing past your hips.

4- Feet

Run landing light on your feet and think about keeping your ankles relaxed. No stomping allowed. We’ve all been next to those runners who are stomping like bulls mad as hell in an arena. If you’re leaning slightly at the ankles like mentioned in tip #1, it will help you land under your center of mass.

5- Arms.

Keep your arms relaxed and close to your body, not sticking your elbows out and crossing your body: keep the momentum going front to back, not side to side.


rej_run2These tips are based on experience and being coached and running with some of the best in the world. I always include a strength routine as part of our coaching program for Pace & Mind runners to help with form and avoid injury.

These are not medical facts and you should always consult a professional if you are feeling injured. If form is becoming a serious problem for you ask runners in your community for referrals to the appropriate medical professional. . For form and gait analysis in the Toronto area contact The Runner’s Academy.

For more information, check out our follow our ‘Wellness Wednesday’ advice on Pinterest drills and strength work can help with form

Run for your life.

– Rejean


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You have one life to live. Run for your life.

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